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  • FFKM O-rings

    FFKM O-rings

    All size of FFKM O-rings customized below

  • FKM Rubber PlugsFKM Rubber Plugs

    FKM Rubber Plugs

    Essential Info Rubber plug, or called rubber stopper, is a type of plug made of rubber material, usually used to close the mouth of a container or pipeline. Rubber plugs are generally made of natural rubber or synthetic rubber materials, which have good sealing and wear resistance. Therefore, they are widely used in pipeline systems…

  • Silicone rubber mat

    Graffiti Silicone Table Mat

    This silicone table mat made of 100% food grade silicone material,designed for graffiti and accept multiple pens for writing and creating on surfaces,also easy to clean.

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  • Low temperature resistance FFKM o rings

    Low Temperature Resistance FFKM O-ring

    Kalrez FFKM O-rings with high chemical performance,they are widely used in semiconductor industry, chemical processing process, automobile industry, petroleum industry, pharmaceutical industry, electronic products, solvent equipment, nuclear industry, aerospace equipment and other heat-resistant machinery, etc.,