FKM Rubber Plugs

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Essential Info

Rubber plug, or called rubber stopper, is a type of plug made of rubber material, usually used to close the mouth of a container or pipeline. Rubber plugs are generally made of natural rubber or synthetic rubber materials, which have good sealing and wear resistance. Therefore, they are widely used in pipeline systems in industries such as industry, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food.

Feature & Advantages:

  • This series of T shape rubber plugs are multi-purpose seals that can be used as shaft seals, face to face seals, and for easy rotation and linear motion
  • FKM material is wear-resistant and has excellent chemical resistance, providing optimal performance and long-lasting sealing life
  • Working temperature range: -15 ° C to 200 ° C
  • Specially suitable as a seal for general engineering applications in pumps, drive belts, and other hydraulic and pneumatic industries
  • Available in various metric and imperial sizes

Industrial & Manufacturing Application

1. Pipeline plugging: Rubber plugs are widely used in piping systems to block pipe openings and prevent liquid or gas leakage.
2. Sample collection and storage: In laboratories and medical fields, rubber stoppers are used to collect and store samples, such as blood, urine, medicines, etc.
3. Chemical reaction: Rubber plugs are suitable for sealing and leak-proofing in chemical reaction systems, for example, they are often used to seal chemical reaction pipelines in laboratories.
4. Device protection: During the process of mechanical processing and installation, the position of the device needs to be fixed, and the rubber stopper can play a certain role. For example, installing rubber plugs on the rotor fin seat of the air compressor can alleviate the damage caused by the extrusion of the rotor fins on the bushing, and play a role in shock absorption and protection.
5. Tool assembly: Some assemblies in tool manufacturing require the use of rubber stoppers, such as industrial brushes and bristles. In addition, the composition of some small medical equipment/apparatus will also require rubber stoppers.
6. Gaskets: Rubber plugs can be used as gaskets to fill and prevent leakage between two surfaces. For example, it is often used in production to secure bottle stoppers to prevent leakage.
7. Other applications: Rubber plugs can also be used to make racket handles, waterproof tapes in automobile exhaust pipes, etc. It can also be made into rubber plugs with special functions such as oil resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance through special production material costs.

How long do FKM rubber plug last?

If rubber plugs are used under the correct conditions for the material,the FKM rubber plugs can be used permanently.


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